Postpartum Exercising: How to Work Out When You Have a Baby (Or Two)

Woah, get a load of that belly!

That’s me at eight months pregnant with twins.

Before I got pregnant, I was becoming somewhat of an exercise freak, with yoga and Pilates being my favorite.  Heck, I even jumped right into P90X and started getting some real pipes!  But then, our two little peanuts began to grow inside me, and all thoughts of exercise went out the window.  First, there was morning sickness, and by the time my morning sickness had passed, I was starting to get so uncomfortable from carrying the weight of two babies, that most exercising just wasn’t in the cards for me.

I love our babies so very much, but once they were born, I must admit, it felt great to have my body back to myself!  And one of the first things on my mind was getting back into exercising again.

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