Easy Homemade Clothes Pin Holder

Did you know the average household can save $25 a month by line drying their clothing?

Furthermore, laundry that is washed with cold water and then line dried lasts longer--after all, what do you think all that lint in your dryer's lint trap is from?  Lint is made up of little particles of your clothing that have come off due to the high heat and tumbling action of the dryer.  This means that clothing dried in a dryer will show signs of wear and tear sooner, and colors will fade more quickly.

These are great reasons to line dry your laundry whenever possible, but I wont stop there.  Line dried clothes smell like fresh air and sunshine (much more pleasing than synthetic fragrances), are not full of static electricity, and--if dried in the sun--are disinfected by the sun's ultraviolet rays.  Line drying gets you outside in the fresh air, and it burns around 45 calories every 15 minutes you are hanging clothes.

As you can see, there are many benefits to line drying your laundry.  Once you have your clothesline set up and some clothespins handy, you are ready to go.  But what will you keep all those wily clothespins in?  Keeping in the spirit of conservation and saving money, why, you'll recycle a vinegar jug of course:

 My husband made a couple of these to hold our clothespins.  You can use most any plastic jug (such as a milk jug), but the thicker plastics, as used in these vinegar jugs, will last longer when exposed to the sun. 

You will simply cut the top of the jug off, leaving the handle.  Slice into the handle so that it can be hung, and poke a couple holes in the bottom of the jug to allow for drainage when it rains.

And voila, you have a super-easy homemade clothespin holder!

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