Chinese cows and future shock

How about those Chinese cows making human milk?


I learned that on Lactnet. What news!! American cows are so behind the times. Get with the "Program Miss Bossy" (our cute bovine with velvet brown eyes and the longest eyelashes). Oh wait, we do have Miss Bossy making human milk. Yes dear readers, I have been writing about that since 2000 or 2001. Yes, a decade ago and suddenly the Chinese get all the credit. That's science for ya, do the work and someone else takes the work and runs with it. Unless, unless...your PR program is working in high gear. Maybe in China they are running headlines that say UK cows or USA cows are producing human milk. (Yeah, actually its one or two components, cause they have some kind of job doing "all" the components)

What do people think "cloned" milk is and why do they think it is approved for public consumption in the USA? I love the media. If the news is going to get out about cows making human milk, let's blame the Chinese. What makes people think that this technology isn't already being used in infant formula? They are adding lactoferrin to infant formula, that's human lactoferrin (cause cow's make very little or none). Fonterra in New Zealand manufactures lactoferrin for use in infant formulas. One way to genetically engineer human lactoferrin is through cows (remember Herman the Bull? that was 1990-two decades ago). Another way is through genetic engineering of yeast or bacteria (what is being done by Agennix in the USA).

Anybody read Future Shock? Time to read it and understand that the general public is way, way behind technological advances. With genetic engineering of our foods, we are being told about it after the fact, after its on the market. Why? Because those that govern think that their populations are too stupid to understand the technology. So do it, put it on the market, and then have regulatory bodies like the FDA rule that genetic engineering is equivalent to the real thing, no need for labels.

So now breastfeeding advocates suddenly get the picture because the media says that the Chinese are doing the research. Oh yeah and its not being manufactured into products yet. (cough-cough) Old news, geared to create another illusion. The world is so so very messed up by people in power and their dutiful dogs, the media.

Congratulations to Prolacta and Elena Medo. Their patent application is now a patent at the US Patent & Trademark Office. "Method of producing nutritional products from human milk tissue and compositions thereof." (patent # 7914822) Their claims are on a "method." Welcome to the 21st century readers.
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