Collaboration between the FDA and HMBANA

In the year 2000, a proposal for collaboration between the FDA and HMBANA was written by Mary Rose Tully, MPH, IBCLC.

"There appears to be an increasing need for federal oversight of donor human milk banking, as witnessed by current concern expressed at USDA over use of donor human milk for WIC recipients, and a few random attempts by breastfeeding mothers to give away or sell their milk locally or via the Internet."

"FDA staff have regularly given input into the development and updating of the Guidelines (HMBANA guidelines) since 1987."

"Dr. Wallingford [FDA staff member at that time, later became VP Government Affairs Liason and Market Compliance for Wyeth--infant formula maker] even found funding for testing of the milk processing procedure to ascertain that it would destroy HIV while minimizing damage to the unique immunologic and nutritional properties of the milk."

My understanding is that infectious HIV has never been found in breastmilk. They have used recombinant HIV to see what happens but the properties of human milk inactivate the "virus."
Wonder where he got the funding? Yes, I know don't ask.......

The FDA has a website under Science & Research, "Use of Donor Human Milk." The FDA's recommendation (updated 11/30/10) states,

"The choice to feed a baby human milk from a source other than the baby's mother should be made in consultation with the baby's health care provider..."

Try that where I live....the recommendation will be to go to the grocery store and buy infant formula.

"FDA recommends against feeding your baby breast milk acquired directly from individuals or through the Internet."

The last paragraph is contact information for HMBANA.

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