A Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies

It's not Christmas. It's just bake day at the lab, creating food for the hungry people of the world. Petri dish and microbes sitting on the bench. See them dancing? Come on look in your microscope. Hear the music? It's the dance of the sugar plum fairies. Little cloned algae twirling and swirling, swooping through the carbon. See how they dance? Time for a glucose break, and more dancing.
Hey look over there, cloned fungi, filamenting (microbiology term for flamingo dancing) It's wild, it's crazy, it's micro-food technology, feeding the world's hungry. Tell little Johnny that his food doesn't come from the land or the sea, it comes from a petri dish. Men of science, can make life happen. They are the new chefs, directors of the Dance, the dance of the sugar plum fairy. And, we believe, we believe that the Nutcracker knows what he is doing. Yes, he is saving the world from hunger, because hunger is about not growing enough food for the people. Forget the politics of food. Farmers just cannot grow enough food, so we will make it for you in the lab. We offer you cleaned up microbes, the gene spliced option to food from the earth or sea. They can live on anything, they love petroleum. What's a little oil in your food, paraffin-smaraffin. Come on. Babies need our formula ingredients, just like breastmilk. Yeah even tastes like it. Same benefits. Get this in your head, we can't grow enough food for everyone and women can't or won't breastfeed. That is the first lesson. And my god we have learned our first lesson well. Farmers can't or won't grow enough food. (liberation from the land) Fishermen can't or won't catch enough seafood.
(liberation from the sea) Women can't or won't breastfeed (liberation from the body)
Hunger isn't about injustice, the haves and the have-nots. It's only about farming. (funny how an oil company that started the food from oil process, massively pollutes the land and oceans with little remorse and lots of PR--now ya gotta eat our petri dish paraffin microbial foods). And so the dance goes on and on and the people believe their Nutcracker.
"Sugar plum receipe from the Lab"
tap water
mortierella alpina
potato dextrose medium
stir and agitate
freeze and dry
extract with hexane
artificial sea water
concentrated yeast
glucose syrup
C. cohnii
agitate and add
glucose syrup
freeze and dry
add hexane
Sorry guys, ya have to have a white coat and a lab to be a chef today.
Copyright 2010 Valerie W. McClain

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