Nestlé-Free Week 26 October - 1 November

This year Nestlé-Free Week will take place from 26 October - 1 November.

This special week is an opportunity to give the ongoing boycott a boost.

The week encompasses Halloween, which Nestlé is increasingly trying to exploit in the UK.

You can find resources for promoting the boycott of Nestlé over its baby milk pushing in our Nestlé-Free Zone. See:

You can sign up on facebook to show you will promote the week at:

The ongoing boycott focuses on Nestlé's flagship product, Nescafé coffee. We list all products from which Nestlé profits, so if you don't normally avoid the whole lot, why not do so during this week? You may surprise yourself with how many alternative products are out there.

If you find that your friends and colleagues say they would boycott, but.... then challenge them to do so at least for this week.

We would welcome other poster designs specifically for the week, so feel free to send them to me at

You can also find items for promoting the boycott in our online Virtual Shop at:

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