Parenting websites and talk boards

If you run or use a parenting website or talk board and want to recommend it to others, leave the information in a comment on this blog entry.

And if you find anything that concerns you about the site, also leave a comment.

Our website link page includes links to UK mother support group, international agencies and some other resources that we think people might find useful.

However, we do not link to commercial sites and do not link to other parenting websites, talk boards of individual blogs. This is because we do not have the staff time to monitor the sites to confirm that they do not contain advertising or sponsorship from companies manufacturing products within the scope of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. Nor do we want to recommend one forum over another as a source of information.

Instead our link page points to this blog entry and we leave it to you to recommend or otherwise these type of sites. Any commercial ones will be deleted.

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