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Advertised on the internet are stem cell therapies that use Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) to stimulate patients bone marrow to produce the patients own stem cells.
G-CSF is a epidermal growth factor in human milk. In 1992, inventors Robert Burk and David Cox discussed this factor in their patent #5221734 called, "Process for preparing a polypeptide growth factor for milk," owned by Ciba Geigy. They state, "A Colony Stimulating Factor (CSF) which stimulates in vitro bone marrow cell proliferation and which causes differentiation of Colony Forming Granulocytic Macrophage pro-genitor cells has also been isloated from human milk. (Sinha, S.K. and Yunis, A. 1983)" and "The compositions of this invention promote cell migration and proliferation." Stem cells? Can't be because we didn't discover stem cells in human milk until 2008. In 1999 Darlene Calhoun et al from the University of Gailnesville, Florida, writes a paper for Pediatrics in which the conclusion is that, "Human milk contains substantial quantities of G-CSF." Human milk has this factor that stimulates bone marrow cell proliferation and this was known and isolated in 1983 from human milk.
So now that we absolutely, positively know that human milk has stem cells, are we going to change medical protocols that stop women from breastfeeding. Will hiv-positive women be encouraged to breastfeed? Their milk has stem cells in it. Or will we continue to deprive infants of the food that provides stem cells, and provides factors that stimulate the bone marrow production of cells?
I believe that Ciba Geigy is part of 1992 they had a pretty good idea that human milk had something important--growth factors in milk. Sixteen years ago a big corporation knew that human milk had a factor in it that stimulated bone marrow cell proliferation. How could this be???
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