The Guardian investigates Nestlé in Bangladesh

As I wrote yesterday, it is Breastfeeding Awareness Week in the UK. See:

The Guardian newspaper has today published a major article on the activities of the baby food companies and the Nestlé boycott after conducting its own investigation in Bangladesh. This is flagged up on the cover of the newspaper and is the front-page story of the G2 section.

You can read the article, by journalist Joanna Moorhead at:

I am not going to quote from the article, because I would like you to read it all.

We hear the same things as in The Guardian article time and again from our contacts in the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), the UN and development agencies with which we work, health workers and mothers.

Please read the article.

I will not comment on it here, because everything that needs saying has been said so many times already.

You can read IBFAN's overview of the issue by clicking here.

You can find out about the action you can take to support the Nestlé boycott in the boycott section of our website. See:

For my blog on the 30th anniversary of the first Nestlé boycott see:

You can sign up for the demonstration at Nestlé (UK) HQ in Croydon on Saturday, 19 May using our on-line form or order leaflets for handing out around that date at a Nestlé site, shopping centre or other location linked to Nestlé or its products in some way. See:

You can prepare for International Nestlé-Free Week by visiting this page:

You can send letters to Nestlé and other companies about aggressive marketing practices, by supporting our Campaign for Ethical Marketing. See:

You can help to keep us operating by becoming a member, sending a donation, or buying some of our great merchandise, which can also help you to promote the campaign. See:

If you know some who finds it difficult to read websites or you prefer to listen to information rather than read, then please make use of my weekly podcasts, which bring together the information in this blog. See:

But even if you are not going to do any of these things, please read the article. Buy the newspaper and show it to your friends and colleagues, particularly those who accuse Baby Milk Action of being 'biased'. Send the link around. It is:

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